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Why hire a registered landscape architect verses a landscape designer for your project?
A registered landscape architect has a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture, has taken a licensing exam with the regulatory board with the state that they are registered in and takes 20 hours of continuing education in their field every two years to renew and maintain their licenses. A landscape architect is trained to work on small- or large-scale projects such as parks, subdivisions, commercial sites, shopping centers and is knowledgeable about site analysis, planting design, land planning, grading, drainage, and construction details. A landscape designer on the other hand is typically knowledgeable about different aspects of gardening and plants.
What is your professional design fee?
My fee is dependent on the scope of work that is requested. My billing rate is $95/hour.
A typical residential landscape renovation plan cost is determined by the size of the property, scope, if an existing conditions survey is available, how many trees/plants exist onsite, utility locations, construction details requested or any additional work. Commercial projects fee costs will be determined by regulatory constraints and what the client’s scope of services that is requested.
Do you charge a fee for a preliminary site visit meeting?
No, the first meeting onsite with a potential client is provided at no charge. I will determine scope of work with the client, take site pictures and then will prepare a proposal to perform landscape architectural services to be sent to the potential client for their review and signature.
What is your design process for a typical landscape plan?
My design process includes site analysis, determine project scope/elements of design, conceptual design, prepare a preliminary plant palette, client meetings, draw the preliminary landscape plan in CAD for client review. A site analysis will include all existing conditions onsite such as buildings, driveways, walkways, existing utility locations provided by the client and will show trees/shrubs to be saved and/or removed. A landscape plan will include a plan of the proposed site elements, proposed trees, shrubs, groundcover, perennials, annuals, plant schedule, landscape planting notes and landscape details. Final revisions for client will then be made. If requested, the landscape plan can be submitted to landscape contractors for bids to install the project. Construction phase services can also be provided for an additional fee.
Do you install your designs?
No, I am a planner not a planter. I am happy to give you names of reputable landscape contractors to install your project.
Do you draw your plans by hand or in CAD?
Preliminary design is by hand and the final product is prepared in CAD and is given to the client in print and PDF form.

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